Monday, January 9, 2012

TX Christmas

After we got home from SC we had Christmas with B's parents:)  I told C to keep his hands to himself for the picture...

 AC has really enjoyed the holiday season this year.  She really gets it that if you unwrap the box there is a wonderful present inside!!

Check out AM and the purse Granny and Pops got her...probably more from Granny than Pops:)

So tired after all the eating and present opening!

Look at these angels in their new princess jammies!  WOW they are cute right?

We capped off the day with some S'mores for dessert.  This may be one of C's favorite foods.  He got soooo messy...he's usually the clean on!

No, he really likes S'mores.  Even ones made by some crazy microwave s'more maker:)