Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bye! Bye! September

This weekend we met up with my master's group for some dinner. I could only stay for an hour because I had to get the little ones to bed, but these ladies probably spent more time with C in the womb than anyone else. We would always joke about how C should know "Linear Algebra" and "Differential Equations" when he was born because he had heard so much of it!!

C got a new back pack for that he could wear. So cute seeing him carry it into by himself :)

So, its official. AM and C can play together. Let the sibiling rivalry begin... We are really working with C on sharing, but he gets so mad at AM, Cedar and Glacier for taking his things... everything is "MINE!"..."NO! Cedar Glacier!"...."Bad Dog!"...We starting telling the pups "Bad Dog" when we hadn't really done that before :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Gramma sleep at our house?"

Gramma came to visit this weekend. We are so lucky...she even took a half day on Fri. She must really love us!!!

We played, shopped, and went out to eat at Pappadeaux. It was such a nice visit. The plane wasn't delayed or anything. Gramma got a BUNCH of cute clothes at her favorite store, Talbot's! BUT........ ...everyone ended up with a stomach virus:( I hope that is not what we will remember from the weekend. Now we need to go to the Lake House!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where are we going?

Where are we going? Shoes? Green ones?

So, I have been a total slacker about posting on this blog lately. This was a fun week for us. We met T-bird at Hermann Park on Wed. This place is amazing. There are 3 or 4 HUGE playgrounds and then a little water park...right in the middle of Houston. I was quite proud of myself for getting there and back. I don't really do downtown well...all those oneway streets and lack of on-ramps.

On Thurs afternoon we went on a walk at eastend park with the pups. I wish I had a picture of the journey to and from this little beach...I will attempt to paint it for you in words. Little AM is in the stroller, while C is on my shoulders. I have one arm separating C from a comfortable ride on mommy's shoulder from a dusty fall to the gravel path. The other arm is pushing the stroller and holding both dogs leashes as the pups attempt to mark every bush and tree we pass. All the while singing with C about "hiking to the river"!

We ate at Bill's Thurs night to celebrate KC's bday. B looks so cute with all the kids...I think we should have another baby :)

Here is AM actually sitting up. She does very well as long as no forces act upon her and cause her to fall over :) Ce-dar!?!

Friday, September 14, 2007

What are you doing?

Nothing, What are YOU doing?

I realized it had been a week since I last posted anything. I finished Harry Potter #5 and have started on the newest one. I teach Wed night and Sat mornings at the college and tutor every spare minute. Things are slowing down at work for B...yeah! We are playing on a soccer team together. A is rolling over and spinning on her belly. She can pretty much get anywhere she wants...eventually. C has entered the terrible 2's...we only thought he had been in them before. We still love him dearly, but there is a definitive difference. This is what we have been up to this week...

Bubble Bath
The more bubbles on your head the better!!
A is working her camo. She later ruined this outfit...
if you know what I'm sayin. B thought it was out of dress code anyways.
Mom and her little ones. A looks so sweet with her headband:)

SHORT video of C playing with his magnetics. He is getting so our biased opinion:) This is really short, but better than the picture we got. He has taken to building with blocks. He likes to build "sand castles" and "tall buildings".

Friday, September 7, 2007

We are growing up!

Look at A! She is almost six months and she can sit up...

Wait...What? Whoa! Hold it! Hold it!

Awww MAN!!! Maybe not...

Well, atleast A can eat rice cereal well!!!

And C can drink out of a cup relatively well ... please disregard the water on his shirt:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School...

C went back to school yesterday! Yeah! He likes to carry his lunch in:)

He is such a great kid. While other 2 year olds were crying their eyes out at the thought of their mother's leaving them for 5 hours, my little boy made a b-line to the fire engine and never looked back. He enjoys school so much that he won't even sleep. His poor teacher really thought that he would take a nap...not my boy!! I tried to tell 'em. PS School is just Mother's Day Out.
I think I have officially started a tradition of taking his picture on the first day of school...please see last years picture. And so it begins...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Belated B-day for C!

We celebrated C's birthday a couple weeks after his actual birthday. Something low key...just few friends and family...keepin' it simple... C did a good deal of crying :( I guess I should have done something more extravagant.
Tough times for a two year old, trying to share all your new toys.

I made a cupcake cake.