Friday, May 20, 2011

Going to the zoo...

The weekend of AC's birthday, we went to the zoo on Saturday and her party was on Sunday. My blogging has been lagging. I feel busy, but I'm not. I'll work on it.

We rode the carousel of course.
C and AC did not what to ride on an animal. We sat on the bench.

6 kids, 3 adults, it went pretty well.

Here we are at the kid part where you can brush the goats...Aren't the girls cure in their matching outfits:)?

We went with our good friends whose kids are 4, 5 and 6. I love them because everyone has someone to play with. Here the boys are prairie dogs. My C has been to the zoo a number of times, but never had the courage to climb all the way through to poke his head out like this. Thank God for peer pressure!

Baby and mama elephant! so cute right?

Some lions...

Some baby and mama giraffes...its spring at the zoo!

I think all the kids had a great time, but AC had a TIME!!! She was RUNNING everywhere. Climbing on things, laughing, being really stubborn and not keeping up with us and then getting mad at me when I tried to hold her had. It was great. That AC is stubborn as a mule...we say that a lot.

Group picture...I sure wish my kids were as good at taking pictures as their friends. Look at those kids, they are super stars!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

C's Cinco de Mayo and riding his bike:)

At C's school they had a Cinco de Mayo celebration. They showcased all their Spanish knowledge through song and dance. Then, we got to partake in a lunch of fajitas and quesadillas. Granny and I attended and it was delicious!!
Here is C with his big line!!

He is so cute:) We can't believe he is headed to kindergarten next year!! He is definitely ready:)

Speaking of ready for kindergarten, he had been working on riding his bike with no training wheels. Now, he is a little timid and hasn't really wanted to do it by himself, but after AC's birthday party where some of his friends were showing off their bike skills, he was ready. It didn't hurt that he has mastered the razor scooter which involves a good bit of balance, but not as far of a fall as a bike:) Now he can even get going by himself!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

AC is 2!

Excuse me while I go get another tissue. My baby is 2 and she can walk and talk and run and state her opinion and fight with her siblings and she is not really a baby anymore. I love babies and since B has more or less forbid me to drink any water where someone may be pregnant...I guess I am missing the days when AC was actually a baby. BUT, enough about me...IT's not like its Mother's Day or some thing;)

We had a ride-on/push/swim party. Here is everyone lined up for the push something race. Granny was such a sport to push was HOT!!!

Here is the ride on Race!

This pool with the built in slide was a major hit!! There were a few injuries, but overall very fun! I had to shove it in the back of my car to get it home from Wal-mart. I am still talking about it!!

I was so proud that AC was able to blow out her candle...wait for it...wait for it

Saturday, May 7, 2011

AM's Spring Recital

AM did so well at her recital. I feel like she was one of the only ones that was doing what she was suppose to. They performed in the gym at the high school and the stands were packed. We were so impressed and very proud:)