Sunday, March 27, 2011

AM's bday party

Have we talked about this? Because of the time of year, AM ends up having a number of birthday celebrations. It is therefore difficult for me to justify a huge we seem to do for C.

We celebrated her bday at school with some cupcakes.
We celebrated her bday while we were camping.

We celebrated her bday with Granny and Pops. I forgot my camera, but the Sharky's put a shark hat on her head an brought her an ice cream with whip cream, sprinkles AND a sparkler:)

AND THEN, we had her party...Ridiculous! We tell our kids they should only be having dessert for special occasions, but when you celebrate a bday that many times, it gets out of hand:) It's kinda like when Easter time comes, the kids end up going on 5 or 6 egg hunts before Easter Day. Anywhoskis...

We just had a few close friends over. We already had 5 kids at the house and then with two more families, we had a decent turn out. We borrowed a friend's bounce house, got a cake from HEB and set out the bubbles.

Pretty early in the party, AM decided she was ready for present time.

She is so sweet opening her presents. She is sincerely excited about every one. She says things like, "What is it? Wha-aat could it be?" when she is opening them and then says things like, "Ohhh!!! Thank You! Thank you so much!!" It's pretty cute:)

We went with a hello kitty theme after Gramma had given her a fabulous hello kitty skirt!

Here she is in the jump house all hello kitty-ed out!

And for the Grande Finale!!! AC truly loved this gift as well!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break with the Cousins!! Round 1

We had a great time! The kids played so well together and it really wasn't until the last day or so that the baby's whining got on anyone's nerves. They are at great ages and I am so glad that they look forward to seeing each other soooooo much!!! They already can't wait until the summer and next year:)

Here are two tired parents after driving 14.5 hrs to Houston! We were so proud of them...They have come along way since their 18hr drive from Dallas to I right?
I love that Andy is into wrestling. My kids don't wrestle hardly at all and as soon as Andy and James walk in...they are all in...even little AC. She LOVED tackling James!!!
Here is Aunt Kerri trying to calm everyone down after a good wrestling match with some yoga. They were into it, but I think AC tackled Aunt Kerri...
Here Uncle Mark is reading a bedtime story...evidently it was the funniest bed time story ever and they got pretty silly!!
We watched some movies and shows which is always nice for moms and dads!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Camping Trip ever...

Seriously...can you see how serious they are?
We scored a spot this week at Sam Houston National Forest. We spend two nights there and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! Couldn't have asked for a better spring break!

B and I kept talking about what a great trip this was. It seems that something usually goes wrong...(our toilet over flowed, glacier got snagged by fishing hook, we got a spot next to karokeers, etc.)

Our hike along the Lone Star Trail.

We went on some hikes, enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and mallows at night. And AC even took a nap...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AM is 4

This is the family out celebrating AM's birthday. We had a GREAT time:)

They even brought AM a bunch os sopapillas with whipped cream and chocolate syrup...with honey on the side...TOO MUCH SUGAR!!
She got a piggy bank!!
And some sparkly clothes from Gramma and Papa which she wore for 48 hours straight:)

She is 4 years old now. And Amazing.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a day at the park..

I am always amazed at how much these kids love going to the park!