Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Cousin Adam came to visit

Funny thing was I couldn't say Brittany's name without saying Adam's.  She is now married, but when ever I reference her and her husband I always say, "Brittany and Adam".  And I always say Adam the way she says adam...with a northern accent...ayhea-dumm.

Here we are hanging out before the kids went to bed...
 It's so hard to get a good picture with all these kids...and dogs...

Here is one with the knee brace.  Don't worry, we made him ice it.

 He and Stella had an instant bond.  Partly because he kept making weird noises...

He'll be back.  Mainly just to visit the dog, but he will be back.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Gramma and Papa for Spring Break

C was so proud to read the entire book that Gramma had given to him for her!!  We were too!

We relaxed in the morning time:)

 We went and watch C play some baseball!!
 We went and watched C play some soccer!!
 It was St Patrick's Day and C insisted on GREEN shorts!!!!

 We played and had a GREAT visit with them:)