Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transformer Cake Transforms

This is long overdue.

So remember that cake we had for C's birthday. Well it was a fabulous "Transformer" Cake...Not really, it looked NOTHING like what we ordered, but we went with it. Well, after it had served it's time as a birthday cake . . . .

enter transformer sound effect...


the cake transformed into a BEAUTIFUL baptism cake for AC...

Note the purple icing that was made by mixing the red and blue from the original. Also, note how Brittany took the rectangular cake and shaped it into a cross...

One of the most memerable events from the transformer weekend!!

I had big plans to make a sweet "transformer" video, but I just haven't got the time!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thanks Britt!

C got these sweet "Highlight" magazines for his birthday from my cousin. He was reading one on Sat and said, "Hey, let's make these? Did you buy the stuff?" Sure enough we had the two ingredients...Strawberries and Vanilla Yogurt. TA Dah...Popsicles!! I love that you totally don't have to be able to read to know how to follow these directions! That's my kinds of recipe...

will I remember?

Will I remember today for the rest of my life? For the rest of their lives? I cried as I left them to go to work. Why can't I stay home with my babies? It just doesn't seem right. When I picked them up, we exchanged so many hugs when we got home, but how many did I miss? C woke up feeling poorly and B and I were struggling to decide what to do...what to do...If only I just stayed at home, it would be fine. Luckily he pepped up. AC give such sweet smiles, she makes you feel so special for sharing them with you...and I had to leave her...

As I rocked AC to sleep, I tried desperately to remember holding C and AM when they were that small, but the memories fade. They are so big now, it is difficult to remember. Maybe if I write about it... She was wearing pink and brown striped jammies. She is just 3 1/2 months, but they are 6-9mo. B had put her to bed, but she got back up an hour later and was very hungry. I didn't think she would go down so I took another lap around the house. She fades in and out, opening her eyes sometimes. I laid her on her tummy, she likes that best I think. I will flip her over after I finish writing so she can sleep on her back the duration of the night. She's out. AM got up 3 times. Once, she couldn't find her water, next, she wanted her fan off, and now she has to take her baby to the Dr. She means well I guess, but we are tired...and have to work tomorrow.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We went bowling... We learned about patience!

Here is C bowling. "Slow ball" he calls it. We eventually learn about these ramp things that get things moving!!

Here is AM bowling with the ramp thing, Thank God, or we would have been there for HOURS!!! She was so funny about using the PINK ball!! Even though the green was the lightest, followed by orange, and then pink... she always wanted to use the pink ball. Our little princess.

And of course...AC bowling? No, she just fell asleep. Something about all the loud music and smoke... I don't know ?

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Children's Museum

For my last Friday before the Fall semester, a friend and I went down to the Houston Children's Museum. Thank God she only had one kiddo so that she could help me raise my kids :) That place was packed...and by packed, I mean I could barely push the stroller 2 ft. I think ever parent in all of Houston had the same idea. We managed a good time despite the crowds!
Here is AM entering the world of CHAOS and STIMULATION!!
C and his buddy climbing the tower thing. I would let AM on it, I might not ever see her again.

You might have guessed that B is NOT a fan of this picture... out of dress code again!

There are some fun water things to play with outside. The kids love getting all wet and playing with all the water apparatus(es?).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

AC's Baptism

Last Sunday, at the 8:15 service no less... we go our newest family member baptized. My cousin was her sponsor/God parent. The both share the same middle name...also my mom's first name:) Here is the whole family!!

Here are the 3 C's!! My mom, my cousin and my daughter... LOVE IT!! My cousin is so special to me and we didn't get to see each other too often when we were growing up, but I really love her and her family. She was also in my wedding and I hope will always be a part of our lives!! I kinda locked her into us with the whole "you're in charge of my kids spiritual upbringing" thing.

The service was interesting to say the least. We had the kids in the nursery up until right before the baptism portion because they don't quite have the whisper thing down yet. We barely made it back in time and when we did, B was holding AC. Immediately, AM asked me to hold her and when I picked her up, I got a whiff of something stinky. Being held evidently made her uncomfortable and she said, "My poopy hurts," just loud enough to make it awkward:) AC cried just a bit when the cold water hit her head, but stopped after getting the "awww" from the congregation. I took AM to change her stinker and while I was gone, AC spit up all over B. We had no blankets so we stole one from a baby doll in the nursery. AC spit up on a few other as the kids were past from family member to family member until the service finally concluded... All in all a good time!

Here is B's family! There were all present for AM's baptism also!! C's too!

We had everyone over for a little brunch of breakfast tacos.... AM was exhausted after all the morning festivities...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

da na na na na nah... You say its your birthday

So this year we got the same water slide for C's birthday that we got last year. (This year I went down a couple times before any guests arrived) For some reason, this years party was NOT low key like last years...We are still working out the kinks. We had a great time, but we were much busier than last year. Please see my auxiliary blog for some bloopers :)

Here is the "Big Ol' Water Slide".

C really likes to JUMP and land 3/4 of the way down the slide!

You gotta be careful about the pile-up that can occur at the bottom!
C's cake was a Transformer cake!!
He received so many wonderful presents. Here he is riding his new bike and wearing his new pirate costume!!

This video is nothing special. Just kinda gives you an idea of what the kids did for an hour+ at the party :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

What a weekend...

Where to begin? Welp, lets start with all the family that we had come in. This visit was long overdue and I hope that we don't have such a long lapse until the next time. My mom, my aunt, my cousin, and my grandmother all came in for a long weekend. Festivities consisted of C's 4th birthday and AC's baptism, but there were other good times sprinkled in between the major going ons :)
JoJo cooked dinner for us on Thursday night...what a treat. Who ever heard of a guest cooking for you? Friday morning, my mom came in and we took the kids to playgroup. Then, we went on vacation to B's parents where Granny feed us a delicious lunch!
Friday night, GG took us out to dinner! Sat was busy getting ready for C's party and Sunday AC's baptism was at 8:15. The weekend was a whirlwind and I can say with strong conviction that I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO IT WITHOUT THEM!!

Does this picture look familiar?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

she giggles...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"New Friends"...

Remember that song at Sea World at the Dolphins with Jump and Jet? That's what I think of when I think of the last couple weeks.

B and I are both back at work and we have our babysitter coming over to watch the kiddos with their buddy AG. Our babysitter(s) are soooo amazing. On this day, she had them make princess crowns...C's was a dragon crown.
We went to get some ice cream with some friends and played in the water fountain. Here are C and AM with their buddies...looking at a big log in the water!

We got to hang out with our GOOD Friend, E and Lloyd. They just got married!!!

They are silly lovestruck newlyweds...barf!