Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day

Ac loves the movie "Tangled".  and by loves I means she has probably watched it over a dozen times and she sings all the songs and its a good thing that Santa brought her Crash Cart with scissors on it to open her Tangled Barbie!  

AM got a huge Doll House and a baby Belle with tea set!  She loved it!!

C got a HUGE air hockey table.  This is what happens when Santa is entitled to bring his favorite son a present...

I got Papa a sweet Knuckle Sandwich Knife by Guy Fieri.  I thought he would think it was super cool...he is hard to impress.

My AM with her new hat, gloves, and boots.  She is such an angel:)

C playing with his bubbles in his new boots...
 and AC

Throwing sticks off the dock...a time honored tradition.