Monday, January 2, 2012

Babysitting the cousins

That's a joke because it was more like "getting to hang out with the cousins"  while their mom and dad still had to work on Wed and! 

We managed to have some fun without them.  Here the boys are in a rousing game of trouble.  I believe it took 3 or 4 session of reconvening before the game was finally finished.

We also made some cookies.  The kids were impressive with their cookie cutting skills.

The proverbial "kids" table for meals.  They insisted on all sitting together.  Isn't that sweet?
 Iced the cookies...

Watched some DORA!!
 Wrestled with Uncle B...
 Aunt Turah introduced everyone to cake pops from Starbucks:)

And we had a great time at the Play Nation:)
 This was Occupy the house.  Many kids were chased in order for these kids to gain entrance:)