Monday, March 29, 2010

To my dismay...

I am having trouble uploading my pictures on this super rad new Mac my hubby got me for Christmas(bless his heart). I am a Mac idiot...there, I said it, maybe now Andy will call me back. At any rate, So much to share, but I am not much of a reader...I like pictures and I assume EVERYONE is like me. Luckily, not many people read this, so I am not letting many people down, BUT for my loyal two readers (thanks mom and GG), You have to know that I only read the Ads on Sunday and it is soooo important for me to post pictures. Therefore, I have forgone any posting until I can figure this thing out...In time, In time:)

BUT, If you were wondering. AM is sick...AGAIN! We took her to the DR on Friday for a hearing problem (we thought it was selective hearing), but the wax in her ear was so hard and built up, they could clear it out. We will hopefully see an ENT on Friday. In the meantime, her fever is up. This presents a problem for B and I as we both work. We are always torn with what to do. Fever willing, we can take her to Ms. Lisa's. We can and have taken off of work to play hand off the sick kid, but it is hard to continue to do that. Last resort, we burden B's mom...yet again. We are so lucky Granny is here and willing to help us out. BUT, man, these kids are AWESOME until they get sick!!

AC is crawling like a fool. We set her down and she is gone to another room in 10 seconds. I remember now why we keep discouraging her to crawl. She is great though. Eats WELL, sleeps Well and is very content! We have been told and agree that she looks like the consummate baby with her pigtails, chubby cheeks and big blue eyes! She loves her older siblings!!!

C is doing well also! We decided to "hold him back", as they say. It is LITERALLY the harder decision you will ever make, deciding what is best for your kids. When it came down to it, we would rather C have an edge by being older and couldn't justify our stinginess(public school is FREE) for his future. He will be in a pseudo-preschool again called "transitional kindergarten". We have heard such GREAT things. He is also enjoying t-ball this season coached by his Dad!!

I hope to figure this picture thing out soon!! I don't write so good :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AM is 3 years old!! On March 15th...

For AM's 3rd birthday, we took her ice skating. She got after it!! She really enjoyed herself after she accepted that she was not going to be able to do fancy spins. Granny went and watched AC while we all took to the ice.
Don't misunderstand...she held my or B's hand the majority of the time, but she marched right out on to the ice. She loves to "skate" around the dining room with socks on the laminate floor :)
Across from the rink was Rain Forest Cafe. Have you been here? It is like a indoor jungle. All the rain forest animals are there and move occasionally. AND they have a little rain storm with thunder and lighting!
Here are the kids by a gorilla:)

C did a GREAT job with the ice skating and REALLY enjoyed the Rain Forest Cafe!! It was a great day!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday was a GREAT day!!!

We started by meeting up at C's Rodeo Performance:) This was nice because we got to see AC in the middle of the day!! Can you tell B was not feeling well?

Here is our C all dressed up in his boots, bandanna, hat, and TEXAS T-shirt that he had made on Monday! He really is such an angel!! Doesn't he look cute in B's hat?

As the show progressed...C was getting squeezed out of the spotlight. He is such a great kid that he just started trying to make all his dance moves abbreviated and keep his place in line. After the program, they had a big Rodeo Lunch for all the kids! That consists of hot dogs, grapes and pretzels and water!! Ya know, like the cowboys used to eat...

THEN, AM's birthday is Monday and so they celebrated her birthday at school on Thursday!!! She got to be first in line...

Here is when AM sees her balloon and cupcake...

I did take her bought cupcakes...I know, but we have been really busy. Everyone seemed to enjoy them...including AM!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

AC is 10 months old:)

A friend of ours said(and I quote) "AC gets cuter every time we see her!" I had to concur, but does that mean she was an ugly baby? JOKES!! She is so beautiful. She has amazing blue eyes like her older brother and sister, but they each have a different shade!! With her pigtails, she gets attention. I tell her she looks like a cartoon baby!!

Here AM is feeding her. She is trying to get AC to open her mouth!!!

Here are the girls in matching outfits I bought from Wal-mart! If I knew how to use my new MAC, I could show you other pictures, but alas....the iphoto eludes me.... They sure are cute!!!
Finally a VIDEO~~~
Look what she can do....Wave and Clap! Isn't it phenomenal!!! We are so proud of our baby!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras...2 weeks late

C's school celebrated Mardi Gras with a PARADE!!! Both B and I were able to go. We walked a couple laps of the school with him for the parade! The kids got to dress up and C wanted to be a pirate!!!

Here he is with his sword. We have sooooo tried to not expose him to guns or swords, but man, he loves them when he get them. I guess we were just hoping it would be when he was older when he wanted to shoot people or cut them with sword! Oh well, there is always Lent...
HERE is B and C!!