Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chapel and B's party

At AM and AC's school they have chapel every week and on the last week of the Fall semester, family is allowed to come and watch.  It is soo cute.  AC was on my lap and AM sat on Granny's lap.  

AC was so cute.  She cried when I left her...she really loves me!!  Or it turned out she was getting sick. She took a nap at school which she hadn't done all year and woke up with a fever.

Thursday some of the people B worked with had a little celebration for him.  He got a bit of a promotion at another school in the district.  All the secretaries got together and made him a bunch of sack lunches...because he always eats the lunches that parents bring up to their kids when they forget their lunch...

I was pretty impressive how many sack lunch we have now.  Very thoughtful!!

AM's Dance Recital

Last Saturday was AM's dance recital.  I couldn't take enough pictures of her:)

 You know dancers get beautiful flowers at their performance:)