Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh yeah, C got new glasses!!

I am going on Kerri's blog probation...

I just know it! This is been a poor blogging month for me...huh?

Well, let's see...what can I blog about? What can I blog about?

Ummmm...One day the kids got introduced to bubble wrap and had a good time popping all those plastic bubbles!
Here is just a picture of B and AC!!
This is a picture of Newie...I didn't even put that pillow there...She just ended up under it:)
Oh! And C has started trying to ride his bike without training wheels! He is sooooo close!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

After Christmas and New Years

I just like this picture, but we didn't catch any fish:(

We left Gramma and Papa's the Monday after Christmas so that we could attend the wedding of one of our previous babysitters. Their family is so special to us. Here are the two younger sisters and former babysitters:)

And the BRIDE! As you can see it was a rainy day, but EVERYONE had a great time. The 1-hour rain delay allowed the guests to mingle and have a drink, so by the time the nuptials were said, no one was complaining.

The newlyweds...

Me and the Bride!! What a great time!!

New Years Eve found us having a full-family sleepover at friends. We kicked of the evening with some fireworks...aka sparklers and those pop firecracker that you throw on the ground.

The kids rung in the New Year with our family tradition..."Purple Cows"

We also started off the year with a tragedy at the house behind the ditch from our backyard. New Pup woke me up to go out at 3:30am. As I went to the door, I gasped and yelled at B that the house behind us was on fire. B being the complete level headed administrator, jumped out of bed and began to get dressed while simultaneously calling 911. He jumped in his car and went over there to bang on the door of the house and its neighbors.

Unfortunately, we later found out that there had been someone inside. I was so proud of my husband and it definitely made us talk to the kids about fire safety and formulate a plan in the event of something like this!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, It snowed!!

Christmas Day...well, Christmas night it snowed and snowed. It had stopped by morning, but there was a little left on the ground. We thought we could find more if we went to Wahalla, but it was the same. There were some good sleding hills! Unfortunately, we didn't have a sled:)

Gramma did help us build a GREAT snowman!! AM was really working the ear warmer:)

Here is C's most successful sleding...