Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our bi-annual hike to a water fall

Our family loves hiking.  B and I love hiking...I don't know why, but we do.  We do always seem to run into some sort of mishap, but I guess the good out ways the bad?  This hike was no different.  Look at my little AC, she seems so cute and happy....
 And then she started to turn.  I ended up having to carry her almost the entire way to the falls and a little on the way back.  I am claiming that she was car sick after riding in the back back through the curvy roads up and down the mountain.

This hike's incident involve B trying to cross the river/stream by walking across a log...with rubber boots on...holding C...wearing a backpack.  He didn't make it across dry.  He slip and fell off the log, but caught himself and just stepped in the water that was knee deep.  While trying to keep C from getting wet and manage his footing on the rocky bottom, he succumbed to the icy waters of the Chattooga River.

 Here's the Falls...

And some attempts at a group shot.

 It's sad that this is the best one and Cedar's tail is covering Andy.

You can see by AM's face how cold it was.

And then the crying began.  B was such a great sport as he sloshed the whole way back with water in his boots, freezing in wet clothes and carrying a screaming 2 year old.