Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our tradition has been to go to the Kwist church for Christmas Eve service and then we go over to their house for dinner.  Here is the traditional kids picture around the tree.  AC was not in a good mood:(  AM however was woking it!!

We both had on boots, tights, and a dress...we are so hip!

The grand kids and Papa...Again..AC was not in a good place.

Two of my favorite people.

 Getting ready for the group picture.

I should really learn how to edit these things, but it is pretty good despite the family patriarch not looking at the camera!!

Ehh... Not bad


Anonymous said...

I do love this blog!! Fast forward--AC and AM will be writing about their favorite people--sister and mother--just can't imagine what the technology will be!

wirrek said...

Man, I really need something behind my couch!