Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chapel and B's party

At AM and AC's school they have chapel every week and on the last week of the Fall semester, family is allowed to come and watch.  It is soo cute.  AC was on my lap and AM sat on Granny's lap.  

AC was so cute.  She cried when I left her...she really loves me!!  Or it turned out she was getting sick. She took a nap at school which she hadn't done all year and woke up with a fever.

Thursday some of the people B worked with had a little celebration for him.  He got a bit of a promotion at another school in the district.  All the secretaries got together and made him a bunch of sack lunches...because he always eats the lunches that parents bring up to their kids when they forget their lunch...

I was pretty impressive how many sack lunch we have now.  Very thoughtful!!

AM's Dance Recital

Last Saturday was AM's dance recital.  I couldn't take enough pictures of her:)

 You know dancers get beautiful flowers at their performance:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First, I wanted to share this ridiculous picture of a fraction of all the arts and crafts the kids bring home. Poor AM and AC, it was moderately cute when C brought them home, but now that we have 3...Man alive!

This year we spent Thanksgiving at B's parents.   On Wednesday, we had everyone over for some fondue:)  Cheese fondue and chocolate fondue for dessert.

On Thanksgiving morning, I slept in and we hung out at the house for a bit.  I got to go on a jog, B and C played some SORRY...

AM did some baking...She made Gramma's meat stuffing.  People around here get kinda touchy if you call it stuffing, so we call it meat dressing.  I am 100% on the difference any ways.

Here are the girls playing at Granny and Pops'.

 A rousing game of trouble was played.  C cheating.  That kid can roll 6's like nobody's business.

Here is Thanksgiving meal... Granny cooked up and amazing feast as usual:)

Tough loss for the Ags that night...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Feasts at school

B and Granny were able to go to the kids' Feasts at school.  AM has a tie dyed Indian shirt on:)  She also made a drum, necklace and head dress.  She had a great time:)

 CMJ made a shirt into a vest:)  His Indian name was on the back.  It is "Flying Squirrel".  So fitting...right?

AM had one of her teammates over after their last soccer game and they drove around the backyard chasing C yelling, "Owh Owh Owh Owh Owh!"  I didn't know if that was politically correct, but they saw it on Tom and Jerry.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This year was in Austin. Not too exciting since my first year was in Vegas and I had to skip Boston last year for S's wedding, but I did have a great time and learned ALOT!

These are some of the ladies I work with.  I met so many new people from all over the country.

 I even got to see my nephew:)

Pete's Piano bar

My poster session... I described my project like 50 times, but it was fun!!

Blue Moon Bar...our last night:(

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C gets Knighted

We are so proud of our C.  His school is implementing a new character education curriculum.  They call it "The Code" and it has a sort of knights theme to it.  They recognize one student from each class who best displays part of The Code.  This was the first month, and the part of The Code being emphasized was tolerance.  C was chosen by his teacher as the student who best displays tolerance in his class, so he was knighted.  Here we are backstage prior to the ceremony.

Each student was called up on stage, met by their family and given a medal.  C's teacher said a few words about how he displays tolerance in class and what not.  It was so sweet and made us so proud.

Look closely at the knight on the left! All of the moms wanted their picture taken with Sir Cass! 

All joking aside, these guys were REAL knights.  They have been knighted overseas.  They had real armor and real swords.  They say that they are "trying to make chivalry cool again."  They said "kids get awards for sports and doing well in school; we want to give them awards for being good kids and doing the right things."  At that point, all the moms were crying.

Again, we couldn't be more proud of our C.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here are C and AM before we went out.  I was in the back trying to calm AC down.  She wasn't sure she wanted to go as Dora afterall.  

Trick or Treating is so fun now because they all say it and know what they get!!

Granny and Pops came over for dinner(Fish Tacos) and then went trick or treating with us:)

 Here's the first family photo.  B and I got dressed up for the occasion:)

B wore the backpack and wig when AC didn't want too:)

Here are the kiddos and Cedar inspecting their loot:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Halloween

We went to the pumpkin patch again this year....It was lovely:)

 See, the kids are overjoyed!

This is AM at her school parade.  She is Belle!

And this is her preschool class this year...

AC went as Dora.  She had backpack and boots, but she wouldn't wear the wig:)

 Here is C at his parade.  He is General Grievous...BUT, he wouldn't wear the mask:)  It is funny because in public school they can't actually celebrate Halloween, so they call it a Storybook Parade.
 This is C's class:)  His teacher was Goldy Locks.