Thursday, September 30, 2010

soccer season starts...

C is playing with a league that has them play 3v3 with no goalies. He hasn't scored (for his team) but he does get to kick the ball more frequently. This guy is a natural defender!!!

B is coaching him again. They are both really enjoying this season!!
AM is also playing this season at the Y, but her season isn't going as smoothly. I wish I knew when this cute picture was taken, but it could have been during a quarter when AM was suppose to be playing, but she didn't want to...
That's right, I had no idea where she was because I was begging other 3 and 4 yr olds to stay on the field. I have teamed up with my old coaching buddy Tbone to coach our 3 yr old daughters...As you can see...I am not coaching my daughter all that much, but she sure is cute in that uniform!!
AC is a GREAT fan!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know I put these on FB, but

I wanted to go ahead an blog about S's wedding shower that we gave her. Who knows how long that facebook thing will last anyways. Blogging is forever...right?

Some tears were shed and some jokes were told, all to honor a young girl we all saw grown up into a beautiful woman. Everyone there was so happy for her, none more than me:)

T bone brought her little one:)
The new kitchen is perfect for entertaining:) (It's almost 2 yrs old now?)

B worked so hard to get the bookshelves in the living room painted and the bathroom redone, but he got sooo sick he couldn't finish the bathroom. He slept while the kids watched movies in our bedroom all during the shower.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A little adventure

If I had my way, I would take my kids to a park everyday. Sadly, when I get home from work, most days, I am just looking forward to laying all my angels in their beds so I can relax in peace and quiet.

I have found that when I tell them..."We are going on an adventure!" They are all in and like the element of surprise. This adventure was to a small park with nature trails about 20 min from our house. We went on a hike first...I am not sure you could really call it a hike because it is so flat here, but we looked for maps and trail markers...

We went on the boardwalk loop...through the swamp...there were sooo many banana spiders!

We had a GREAT time and AC was an angel, just sitting in her stroller observing:)

There was also a play ground!! That was a nice end to the "hike"!! There was this grasshopper and two people could ride it at once... I KNOW!! That is awesome!
C and AM play so well together. They usually are on the same team and have to save each other when they create imaginary situations. I love seeing what they come up with and especially love when they do it together!!

AC is in her own little world. She LOVES climbing. She is all over playgrounds and loves climbing up the slides, then sliding down. She is a little too fearless for me, but I am glad she is so adventuresome!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

So B went out of town to Park City Utah for a Mancation with some buddies. I was left alone for 5 myself...not even in-laws!

I did what any normal, sane mother would do. I went to Toys R Us to buy some toys to pass the time. I got the kids a slinky per C's request. They LOVED them! Even AC loved hers...

On Sunday morning, I thought I could get away with taking them to a popular, fun spot to avoid some labor day crowds. Other than all the people pushing me off my picnic table, the random man that borrowed my phone and the afternoon of calls from his friends that commenced...We had a GREAT time!!
After AC's lack of nap, we had snack outside because the weather was AMAZING!!

I also bought the kids some bubbles and some activity books. The bubbles were a hit for all of 5 minutes, but...again...the weather...

It warranted a group hug!! I mean, it wasn't really that humid!!
Monday was a different story. It rained on and off all day so we were couped up indoors, but we still had fun. AC really wanted to put on the Male's in her life's clothes...