Thursday, February 6, 2014

AC's 4th bday

It was a super fancy tea party...Thanks pinterest.

As the ladies arrived, the colored tea pots:)
I also did a thing where they had to find some tea bags that I had hidden in the living room.

Gramma made the tea sandwiches...they're really called that.


I love making B hold babies...he likes them too, but just doesn't want to pay for their college.

Did I miss Christmas?


Here are the girls at AC's dance recital!!

They made a leaf pile to jump in.

Here is AC at her Christmas Chapel.

 And her Christmas school party:)

Then, we went to AM's party:)

Then we ran back and forth from AM's to Mr. C's:)  This guy is really coming into his own.  He is funny and he knows it.  I read online today that boys are goofy by nature, so it's okay.  He does so well at school and has notably excelled at his Spanish spelling word.

I took this selfie to capture my red hair do... Why is the word selfie being underlined like it's misspelled?  Selfie is totes a fact I believe it was the word of the year.  weird.

Stella is so weird:)  She loves to sleep.