Monday, October 26, 2009

Go Owls! Hoot, Hoot!

Last Sunday we ventured into the city for one of B's and my former student athlete's soccer game. This girl is AMAZING!! Not only at soccer, but she is attending RICE with a scholarship...enough said...she's smart ta' boot! We LOVE to go see her play. I like to pretend that I taught her anything about soccer when she played for me and B likes to pretend that he AP-ed her into a fine young woman! We also love hanging out with her parents! They have (almost) successfully raised 3 kids, 2girls and a boy(he is still in HS). We admire them because they still seem to still be truly in love after 3 kiddos! And, their kids are awesome!!!

At any rate, we brought a picnic lunch and ate PBJ's on a bench outside the stadium before the game!

Hopey's mom took some great pictures! Here is Hopey, #18! She had an AMAZING assist to help the owls to a 2-0 victory!! She really contributes...

OH, and there were some pictures of our little ones also!!! AM is too cute for her own good. I think we are just going to lock her in her room when she turns 7... unless she is good at soccer.

On this sunny Sunday, I gave Mr. C some of the 3-D glasses we got at the movie theater...he went with it!!

AC was tired, but she made it through the first half! There is no way that C could have made it this long when he was her age!! She is such an angel. All children should be 3rd children... not that we should get rid of the first two, but the 3rd is pretty easy going. Did that make sense? :)