Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tracy Stoesser Photography


So last year, C got sent to the Principal's office at school. By "principal", I mean the woman that takes our monthly tuition check and deposits it. As you can imagine, when B and I found out about this, we were beside ourselves. Our SON...the son of an Assistant in so much trouble that he had to be removed from class. I had visions of little C being marched down a long dark hall with horrible punishments at the end. I just knew he was going to get kicked out. Especially after all the biting incidents when he was in Mother's Day Out. B and I went in to get the full story the following morning. It turned out that C and a fellow classmate were fighting over a toy, a dinosaur if I am not mistaken. Their fighting had gone on in the morning and resulted in some pushing...of they went to the office.

When C told us about it, he said, "Ryan Stoesser, this. Ryan Stoesser, that." I remember thinking that this Ryan Stoesser kid must be some kid of bully to be picking on my little angel. I, of course, came to my senses and knew that C was probably the one at fault as he was going through a possessive phase. The incident left a huge mark on my heart though and later that year, when Ryan Stoesser's family was at the same birthday party, I remember being uncomfortable...The looming elephant at the party...

I met his mom and she was wonderful. We both recalled the day our son got sent to the principal. She said that she too was worried about her son being expelled. She was great! We have since become friends and Ryan Stoesser and C are playing on the same soccer team this season. Tracy Stoesser is team mom:) He will always be Ryan Stoesser to us...not just Ryan. C calls Tracy "Ryan Stoesser's Mom". They are GREAT!!

She has started her own photography company and I wanted to give her a pinch of press! I can't wait to have her take some pictures of our family and my new little AC!! So check out her website and blog at I put a link up at the top also!! Feel free to tell me what you think. I hope to have a photo shoot outside the first week of November!!!


Tracy Stoesser Photography said...

HA HA HA!!! I was worried at that birthday part too! Funny! I just hope that I never get a call one day from Mr Johnson at KHS telling me that Ryan and Charlie are in trouble.
Mrs. Ryan Stoesser

BCW said...

The photos are beautiful! Can't wait to see what she comes up with for the kiddos!