Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend 2009

We will start the weekend on Wed because that is when B carved these SWEET pumpkins using the Dremel tool. I think he is going to quit his job and do this full time :)

On Thursday the Halloween fun really began. C and AM got to dress up for school!! C had a parade...He was the red Power Ranger. AM was a princess...shocker! Little AC was a ballerina, I guess.

Sat morning Uncle B-rad and Aunt Net came in for C's soccer game and Halloween of course. AC was a PUMA!!!

Then that night we just went to a few houses on our street. C was now Spiderman and AM was a Princess again, but in a different dress and with a tiara.

OMG!! Look at these angels! They were so cute. I love our house and neighborhood, but I do wish there were more kiddos on our street. They had fun and that is all that matters!!! CANDY!! But not too much, we have been watching Biggest Loser...