Saturday, October 3, 2009

So, we have been sick.

So, we have been sick. That is putting it lightly. When we considered having a 3rd child, it didn't seem like a big deal. Even the lack of sleep with getting up with the 2 other little ones was OK. UNTIL, we all were sick, that's when things get tough:) AM had a fever first last Thursday night, but was fine the next day. I started feeling poorly Thurs night and made AM and I go in for DR apt...nothing. I ended up missing work on Fri and having a fever all weekend with a sinus infection. C felt poorly on Mon and missed school, AC had a rash and fever on Tues and B missed work Wed-Fri due to a fever and headache. So..................................

these were a few of our drugs, but if you are considering have more that 2 kids....just remember that when you get sick, EVERYONE gets sick and its tough. I don't recommend it!!!! I think that we will remember this week for as long as we live. I can't imagine if B and I had to take off EVERY TIME the kiddos weren't feeling well!! We had a time juggling the sick kiddos and trying to get everyone to the dr, all while keeping the work missing to a minimum...sure hope we don't have to do it again soon.


Michelle said...

Oh man. That sucks. Hope you all get back to normal soon.