Thursday, April 30, 2009

They have come along way!!

Here is B his first year as an AP. We made some great friends that year! Back in 2005, none of us had any kiddos...
They are all at different schools now, thanks to promotions and what not, but we have managed to get together occasionally over the years. When we get together, we always seem to be eating some sort of fried seafood...weird? Everyone is so busy making the world a better place. We had to schedule this dinner almost a month in advance, but it was worth it.
Our families have really grown...and are continuing to grow...two more by the end of this year :)
PS Do you know how amazing this picture is? 5 kids all looking relatively close to the camera with relatively content looks on their little faces... I won't tell you what all the adult were doing to make this happen. They might lose their jobs :)

On the way home, we got to take the ferry! It was awesome!