Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now that is a birthday party!

Last weekend, we were very busy. We had a birthday party Saturday afternoon. This party had it ALL!! There was a bounce house(moonwalk), what ever you call it. There was a snow cone machine. There was a PONY! There was hay filled with treats that you had to search for, like an Easter Egg Hunt. There was face painting! MAN ALIVE, it was a good time!! The party was for 3 siblings that just turned 2, 3, and 4... so it was definitely a BIG event!!

Here is AM on her pony ride. They had chaps, a vest, hat, and bandanna to wear when it was your turn! AM wasn't into the chaps. She managed to keep her legs clear of the brush though.

Look at C working the shoulder shrug in the bounce. I think he spent literally 45 minutes straight in there. He came out just long enough to have some cake and a snow cone:)
Here is B... chillin' ... sippin' on Cotton Candy snow cones!

Here is a great idea if you feel like your kiddos have too many toys. The host just had a $10 gift exchange. So instead of bringing a gift for the birthday kids, you just brought a $10 gift. Then, all the kids got a present:) C scored a 24 pack of PlayDoh...B's favorite. Surprisingly, B let the kids play with it inside! Pretty fun!


Michelle said...

Wow! That was a party! If you weren't about to deliver your newest bundle, I would ask if you guys wanted to make a trip for Sweet Pea's party. Maybe next year?!?