Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Recap - Christmas #3

On our way to SC

Where we had our 3rd Christmas... with cousins!!

The annual sit in a line and wait for a present.

Then we ate dinner...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Recap #2- Actual our house!


Stella has been forced to snuggle with Cedar since Little Guy got adopted.  I think this one is going to stick!  I think Cedar is starting to love her:)  The pups sure seemed tired after 2 back to back Christmases.  All the excitement can be exhausting...

I banished Pops to the kitchen to put together the My Little Pony Castle:)

 Look!  Our first real Christmas dinner...on my new Christmas plates:)  Thanks B!
 I wore a dress because it was such a special occasion:)

One of the best things about this Christmas for B and I was something that the elementary school does where the kids are able to purchases gifts to give to their family.  We were so proud of C and AM for not only picking the perfect gifts for us and their siblings, but that they were both soooo excited to give out their gifts.  I think they truly learned how wonderful it is to give!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Recap - Christmas #1

We started off by having Christmas at Granny and Pops' on Christmas Eve... B had dropped part of my present on his food and needed to ice it, but I was so entertained when Pops got this out for the ice... so old school

The kids got so many wonderful things...New clothes, fabulous toys, etc...

C got a pitching machine that throws Wiffle balls for him to hit...Pops loved it.

The kids also got some fabulous electronics... like 2 Kindles and a DS.

I had forgotten my camera and only remembered to take one video on my phone...They are pretty good at taking turns!


Holiday Season Recap- AM gets knighted

We were so proud that she received this great honor at school, but even more proud after we heard what her teacher said about her...

This is her right after her name was announced.  She was proud of herself I think!!

Can you see C in this picture in the audience?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Party 2012

The End of the Semester is a busy time with 3 little ones.  That means 3 Christmas Winter Parties to attend.  Luckily, Granny is there too.  Here we are at AC's.  They begin by letting us go to the kid's weekly chapel and here them sing all their songs!!

AC let her teacher do her hair:)

Here is AM all ready for her last day of school before the Break:)  There was a lot of back and forth for Granny, AC and I at the elementary school because AM and C's parties were at the same time.

Here is C's class of reindeers...
They decorated a cookie...

Then over to AM's party for pizza...

Back to C's...I thought he looked pretty cute with his antlers.

Then back to AM's for the cookie decorating and consumption.
Both classes also had a book exchange.  That was utter chaos...I really should have been in charge to keep it organized.  Actually, I think my sister would have done it bests.  I think she missed her calling as a pre-school or Kindergarten teacher!