Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Recap #2- Actual our house!


Stella has been forced to snuggle with Cedar since Little Guy got adopted.  I think this one is going to stick!  I think Cedar is starting to love her:)  The pups sure seemed tired after 2 back to back Christmases.  All the excitement can be exhausting...

I banished Pops to the kitchen to put together the My Little Pony Castle:)

 Look!  Our first real Christmas dinner...on my new Christmas plates:)  Thanks B!
 I wore a dress because it was such a special occasion:)

One of the best things about this Christmas for B and I was something that the elementary school does where the kids are able to purchases gifts to give to their family.  We were so proud of C and AM for not only picking the perfect gifts for us and their siblings, but that they were both soooo excited to give out their gifts.  I think they truly learned how wonderful it is to give!!