Friday, August 31, 2012

she makes me cry

I know everyone feels that their daughter is the most amazing in the whole world, but lately, my AM has really been showing me how truly amazing she is.  My heart has just been breaking for her since she has started Kindergarten.  It has been causing be some anxiety to say the least.  She doesn't really know anyone in her class and so she has been very quiet at school she says.  We have been asking her who she has been eating lunch with and playing on the playground with hoping that she might be making some new friends...

The first day of school she said she ate with a boy named Victor.  She knew his name because he got moved from green to blue...on the first day of school...what kinda horrible kid get moved from green the first week of school ;).  The next day she came home say she ate lunch with another boy and Vic but she didn't know his name.  He was very funny.  She was also friendly with the girl that doesn't speak much English.  So basically I am picture my worst nightmare.  All the cute little girls in her class all gabbing and going on about how cute their bows look and shinny their shoes are and their is my AM with a girl that doesn't speak any English and 2 trouble making boys.  It's killing me! 

When I ask her who she plays with on the play ground she say she just kinda walks around by herself.  There are some girls they we know she knows and I ask her if she sees them and why she she doesn't play with them and why doesn't she play with kids from PreK and why doesn't she want to be on the TOP OF THE MONKEY BARS MAKING THE ENTIRE KINDERGARTEN LAUGH AND THINK SHE IS THE FUNNIEST GIRL IN THE SCHOOL...I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!  She just says she just walks around and she just needs time.  She seems fine with the whole situation. 

When I think about how I would feel walking around the playground by myself, it makes my want to cry, but she is fine with it.  That is what she wants to do right now.  She wants to wait on meeting the other girls in class because she is scared to talk to them, but she is okay with that.  She is enjoying school and her teacher and her new Spanish speaking friend :) and she makes me cry because everyone says she looks like me, but she is nothing like me.  She is her own little person inside and she is so AMAZING!!!!  I am so proud of our little kindergartner.  I can't wait to see who she will be be at the end of this year.


kbjohnso said...

Almost word for word to what I heard this week when I picked her up. She also said she likes boys, but she likes girls a little better. Sweet AM being so kind to I, the little girl who speaks very little English. Love this wonderful girl!,

wirrek said...

I think Victor sounds like a cool kid. Obvious he is self confident and enthusiastic.

The Imposter said...

When I run out of fingers and toes I'm screwed...;-) daughter got a BSc in Geography this her mothers brains...clearly..;-)

Victor is a star already!

...Don't mind me...just blog surfing..I'm new to this stuff...

The Imposter x