Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of School 2012

Well, Let me begin by saying that AM began Kindergarten this year which is a really big deal!!  It all starts the week before school with meet the teacher.

Here we went to AM's class and saw her cubbie and desk and meet her teacher:)
She was VERY excited, but also VERY nervous.  So much so that she wasn't talking much.  She was having tummy aches at home too.  B said she was so quite while all her classmates came in and met her teacher and saw their room for the new year.

C on the other hand was very excited and more comfortable because this was his second year in Elementary School.  His 1st grade class had a few of his friends so he was looking forward to school beginning:)

Here is everyone on the first day... no comment.
C at his new desk :)

AM at her new desk:)

AC is headed to PreK.  She will have the same teacher that AM and C had:)

Mom: Bye AC!!  Mommy loves you!  Have a good first day!!

AC:  (wave) *thinking to herself '"is she still here?'"