Thursday, August 9, 2012

C's Ninjago Birthday

C wanted to follow his cousin and have a Ninjago Birthday party:)  We started with balloons in the yard with mean Ninja faces.  I intended the guests to have ninja practice with the balloons, but the practice only lasted about 10 seconds.  That's how long it takes 9 kids to pop 9 balloons....

The party then went to back yard for the Ninja obstacle course.  I again intended for it to be a formal affair, but the ninjas just had at it...Fine by me as B had to head to his school to see why the alarm was going off.

We had treat that the kids and their baby sitters had made:)  The decoration of lanterns and ring chains were care of the kids and babysitters as well:)


The following  morning B made pancakes and bacon.  I made a scavenger hunt of hint around the house that ended with their party favor:).  They were so cute and such a good bunch of kids!!