Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday was a GREAT day!!!

We started by meeting up at C's Rodeo Performance:) This was nice because we got to see AC in the middle of the day!! Can you tell B was not feeling well?

Here is our C all dressed up in his boots, bandanna, hat, and TEXAS T-shirt that he had made on Monday! He really is such an angel!! Doesn't he look cute in B's hat?

As the show progressed...C was getting squeezed out of the spotlight. He is such a great kid that he just started trying to make all his dance moves abbreviated and keep his place in line. After the program, they had a big Rodeo Lunch for all the kids! That consists of hot dogs, grapes and pretzels and water!! Ya know, like the cowboys used to eat...

THEN, AM's birthday is Monday and so they celebrated her birthday at school on Thursday!!! She got to be first in line...

Here is when AM sees her balloon and cupcake...

I did take her bought cupcakes...I know, but we have been really busy. Everyone seemed to enjoy them...including AM!!