Monday, March 8, 2010

AC is 10 months old:)

A friend of ours said(and I quote) "AC gets cuter every time we see her!" I had to concur, but does that mean she was an ugly baby? JOKES!! She is so beautiful. She has amazing blue eyes like her older brother and sister, but they each have a different shade!! With her pigtails, she gets attention. I tell her she looks like a cartoon baby!!

Here AM is feeding her. She is trying to get AC to open her mouth!!!

Here are the girls in matching outfits I bought from Wal-mart! If I knew how to use my new MAC, I could show you other pictures, but alas....the iphoto eludes me.... They sure are cute!!!
Finally a VIDEO~~~
Look what she can do....Wave and Clap! Isn't it phenomenal!!! We are so proud of our baby!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm surrounded by little miniature Keturahs :)