Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AM is 3 years old!! On March 15th...

For AM's 3rd birthday, we took her ice skating. She got after it!! She really enjoyed herself after she accepted that she was not going to be able to do fancy spins. Granny went and watched AC while we all took to the ice.
Don't misunderstand...she held my or B's hand the majority of the time, but she marched right out on to the ice. She loves to "skate" around the dining room with socks on the laminate floor :)
Across from the rink was Rain Forest Cafe. Have you been here? It is like a indoor jungle. All the rain forest animals are there and move occasionally. AND they have a little rain storm with thunder and lighting!
Here are the kids by a gorilla:)

C did a GREAT job with the ice skating and REALLY enjoyed the Rain Forest Cafe!! It was a great day!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday AM! She looks just like you! Glad she had a FUN day!