Monday, March 9, 2009


B and the kids have next week off for Spring Break. I have THIS week off for Spring Break. Although I have TONS to do, I really wanted to take the kids to the zoo...just like old times! I truly miss staying at home with them and being able to do things like this a couple times a week! I had a GREAT time! I think the kiddos enjoyed it as well...We were so fortunate of have some friends along too!

Here we go! I can't tell you how many times these two got buckled and unbuckled in the stroller...its got to be in the 100's. I kid you not!

Looking at the leopard...everyone unbuckle...and back in!
I think my favorite thing was the Carousel!

Petting Zoo...always a good time. Brushing the goats!

Elephants! Everyone out of the stroller...and then immediately back in!

Here is a video! The weather was nice and it wasn't too crowded... I hope the little ones had half as much fun as I did!!