Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Joyce...and AM!!

Soooo...We planned to have TWO ponies for AM's birthday party on Sunday. A deuce of ponies if you will. Well, things fell through when it rained all day Fri, Sat and Sun. We even contemplated cancelling the party. We knew we would have to stay inside, so we just made the best of it! We had a backup plan :)

We started by opening presents... Truthfully, AM couldn't be held back from all the beautiful pink and sparkly gifts. The other kids helped out as well.
Then, the kiddos raided C's room, AM's room and the toy room. I think every toy in our possession was out on the floor.

Finally, B lead a short sing-a-long... The back up plan was a hit!!
Then, we played with all the new toys for the rest of the day.
Okay, it is. I had to talk B into leading the sing along. I was hesitant to post this because unfortunately, I was trying to help B's really embarrassing. I hope its worth it :)


wirrek said...

looks like the best party every. Keep the video. Its fine.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday AM!! I love the cupcake cake - it is beautiful. Sounds like it was a wonderful party. And the video rocks!!