Tuesday, March 31, 2009

C is playing soccer again this season, BUT...

This season, Daddy is coaching!!! We are all really enjoying it. B loves all the kiddos, of course. I love that I am not vomiting before and after the games. AM is just happy to be alive, so, it all works out!!

C likes it pretty well. He has made dramatic improvements since last season. In the Fall, we finished the season strong with him staying on the field and not running over to us crying. He would even chase the ball around with the other players. This season, he is doing so much better. He has even kicked the ball a couple times. C also enjoys goalie for some crazy reason...?

C has developed this new "thing" to express his emotions. He kinda hunches over and brings his shoulders forward. It is so funny and he does it when he doesn't want to do something... occasionally he does it on the soccer field:)

One of the best parts is after the games when the parents make the tunnel for the players to run through...and AM :)