Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watch Out for horse apples...

This morning after breakfast, C started talking about wanting a race car driver at his birthday party, maybe a horse. I said "You want a PONY!", and he said, "NO!" ... I guess "ponies" are too girly?
This all sounded fun, BUT I was worried he might be frightened of horses up close. I jumped on the Internet and found this great place by the airport(just 15 minutes away). They allow little kids to be walked around the yard riding their pony...we called it a "Wild Mustang".

As expected C was hesitant at first and insisted that his sister have the first turn. When she survived, C excitedly took his turn. They just switched back and forth for 30 minutes. Then, we walked around petting all the dog, cats, and "tall" horses. What a great way to spend Sat morning!!