Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maybe I'm just lucky...

I read this post the other day and was flabbergasted that anyone would think that MARRIAGE is harder than MOTHERHOOD, but I guess I am just lucky. Maybe I just married the right person, but what am I not seeing?

Even though being a mom is somewhat instinctual, I feel like it is such a challenge. As my husband says, "You only get one shot at it.". I guess I do have to be tolerant of B sometimes, but for the most part, we are a united team and help each other out. Sometimes he doesn't let me spend as much money as I would like and I have to clean up after him and cook for him and ... but, that's no different then the kids, right? :) I joke. He's awesome.

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tmchildress said...

I guess I am lucky too because motherhood is definitely more work than marriage! Don't get me wrong-marriage is not easy, but nothing in comparison to taking care of and helping to shape 2 little beings lives! If marriage is that challenging for a person, they should definitely think twice before they start a family! Parenting has a way of exposing any weaknesses you have as an individual and a couple-hopefully you don't have that many!! :-)