Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My New Dryer!!

I guess I mean OUR DRYER! This is our old dryer.

It has a great story. We saw a flyer at the local grocery store when we moved into our new house. "Washer and Dryer for $60" This was back before we knew about things like Craigslist. We actually had to call the owners to see them. When we went to take a look, the woman selling them immediately took $10 off because the washer leaked. So for the the last 8 years we had a dryer that basically cost us $25... The dryer served us well, but it was obvious to me after doing some laundry at my moms that it was possible to dry clothes in half the time!!! So, thanks to a Christmas miracle(thanks folks) we have a fancy new dryer. I can't wait to get the matching washer!!


Brittany said...

It's beautiful!

Michelle said...

I love your new dryer! And being in a rent house, using their (awful) dryer, we too have realized the difference between a good and bad dryer. I can appreciate your new treasure! Yea for you!