Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Big Girl is 6

AM is always fortunate to have like 4 separate celebrations for her birthday:)  First things first however, she lost her 2 bottom teeth and one top one is loose!

Her birthday usually falls on Spring Break so we let her celebrate at school the friday before:)

Then we had a BBQ and there was another small celebration with her buddy that is 2 days older than her.

Then we went to Chuy's with Granny and Pops, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture.  There was a huge pile of princess present on the table when she walked in:)

Finally on her actual birthday we went to Menchi's to celebrate with friends...

It was interesting...but I didn't have to clean my house before and after so that is a plus...She also had a great time.

Gramma and Papa also sent presents that she opened on Sunday:)  She is certainly a big girl with a big heart.  We were playing a game in the car where I would say...."Who is the ...silliest, tallest, skinniest, most stubborn, cleanest, etc...?"  When I asked "Who is the nicest?"  AM said "ME!!" and she is right.  She is so sweet.  She certainly has her moments, but she takes such great care of the her brother and especially her sister.  She is always respectful of others and a little shy.  She does what she is suppose to do and doesn't get in trouble at school or soccer or at home, much:)  She is turning into quite an artist and likes to write her name in cursive.  She always takes pride in her appearance and will gasp at things and say stuff like, "Oh, look at the BEAUTIFUL flower!" or "WHAT an ADORABLE Dog, dress, baby etc!!"