Monday, April 8, 2013

My sister and family came to town.

And we went on walks with the dogs and kids...called them Ninja Walks.

And we played at the park after the kids soccer games...

And we played in the backyard... and with bubbles.

And we played with sidewalk chalk.(thanks Tbone)

And we played lots of electronics:)

And we went out to eat...

And we went on a hike that we again had to call a Ninja Walk and carry weapons...?

And me and my sister played together in my soccer game.  It was very fun...she's still got it!
 And I think her husband is warming up to the idea of a dog...or Stella is just warming up to him!


kbjohnso said...

Love it!!

wirrek said...

If you don't call them ninja walks do you call them jedi walks?