Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First, I wanted to share this ridiculous picture of a fraction of all the arts and crafts the kids bring home. Poor AM and AC, it was moderately cute when C brought them home, but now that we have 3...Man alive!

This year we spent Thanksgiving at B's parents.   On Wednesday, we had everyone over for some fondue:)  Cheese fondue and chocolate fondue for dessert.

On Thanksgiving morning, I slept in and we hung out at the house for a bit.  I got to go on a jog, B and C played some SORRY...

AM did some baking...She made Gramma's meat stuffing.  People around here get kinda touchy if you call it stuffing, so we call it meat dressing.  I am 100% on the difference any ways.

Here are the girls playing at Granny and Pops'.

 A rousing game of trouble was played.  C cheating.  That kid can roll 6's like nobody's business.

Here is Thanksgiving meal... Granny cooked up and amazing feast as usual:)

Tough loss for the Ags that night...


wirrek said...

I totally hear you on the arts and crafts. Its ridiculous! And then, James finds his stuff in the trash and gets soooo mad!

Mrs. Wiggy said...

Have you thought about scanning the art and putting them together in books online... maybe by year? This way all the projects are still documented- but without the clutter!

reta said...

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