Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C gets Knighted

We are so proud of our C.  His school is implementing a new character education curriculum.  They call it "The Code" and it has a sort of knights theme to it.  They recognize one student from each class who best displays part of The Code.  This was the first month, and the part of The Code being emphasized was tolerance.  C was chosen by his teacher as the student who best displays tolerance in his class, so he was knighted.  Here we are backstage prior to the ceremony.

Each student was called up on stage, met by their family and given a medal.  C's teacher said a few words about how he displays tolerance in class and what not.  It was so sweet and made us so proud.

Look closely at the knight on the left! All of the moms wanted their picture taken with Sir Cass! 

All joking aside, these guys were REAL knights.  They have been knighted overseas.  They had real armor and real swords.  They say that they are "trying to make chivalry cool again."  They said "kids get awards for sports and doing well in school; we want to give them awards for being good kids and doing the right things."  At that point, all the moms were crying.

Again, we couldn't be more proud of our C.