Wednesday, May 11, 2011

C's Cinco de Mayo and riding his bike:)

At C's school they had a Cinco de Mayo celebration. They showcased all their Spanish knowledge through song and dance. Then, we got to partake in a lunch of fajitas and quesadillas. Granny and I attended and it was delicious!!
Here is C with his big line!!

He is so cute:) We can't believe he is headed to kindergarten next year!! He is definitely ready:)

Speaking of ready for kindergarten, he had been working on riding his bike with no training wheels. Now, he is a little timid and hasn't really wanted to do it by himself, but after AC's birthday party where some of his friends were showing off their bike skills, he was ready. It didn't hurt that he has mastered the razor scooter which involves a good bit of balance, but not as far of a fall as a bike:) Now he can even get going by himself!!


Anonymous said...

Uncle B-rad wants to know why he doesn't have a helmet on! Safety first!