Sunday, May 8, 2011

AC is 2!

Excuse me while I go get another tissue. My baby is 2 and she can walk and talk and run and state her opinion and fight with her siblings and she is not really a baby anymore. I love babies and since B has more or less forbid me to drink any water where someone may be pregnant...I guess I am missing the days when AC was actually a baby. BUT, enough about me...IT's not like its Mother's Day or some thing;)

We had a ride-on/push/swim party. Here is everyone lined up for the push something race. Granny was such a sport to push was HOT!!!

Here is the ride on Race!

This pool with the built in slide was a major hit!! There were a few injuries, but overall very fun! I had to shove it in the back of my car to get it home from Wal-mart. I am still talking about it!!

I was so proud that AC was able to blow out her candle...wait for it...wait for it


Anonymous said...

Now Uncle B-rad is VERY upset. NONE of those kids have helmets!