Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break with the Cousins!! Round 1

We had a great time! The kids played so well together and it really wasn't until the last day or so that the baby's whining got on anyone's nerves. They are at great ages and I am so glad that they look forward to seeing each other soooooo much!!! They already can't wait until the summer and next year:)

Here are two tired parents after driving 14.5 hrs to Houston! We were so proud of them...They have come along way since their 18hr drive from Dallas to I right?
I love that Andy is into wrestling. My kids don't wrestle hardly at all and as soon as Andy and James walk in...they are all in...even little AC. She LOVED tackling James!!!
Here is Aunt Kerri trying to calm everyone down after a good wrestling match with some yoga. They were into it, but I think AC tackled Aunt Kerri...
Here Uncle Mark is reading a bedtime story...evidently it was the funniest bed time story ever and they got pretty silly!!
We watched some movies and shows which is always nice for moms and dads!!