Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Camping Trip ever...

Seriously...can you see how serious they are?
We scored a spot this week at Sam Houston National Forest. We spend two nights there and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! Couldn't have asked for a better spring break!

B and I kept talking about what a great trip this was. It seems that something usually goes wrong...(our toilet over flowed, glacier got snagged by fishing hook, we got a spot next to karokeers, etc.)

Our hike along the Lone Star Trail.

We went on some hikes, enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and mallows at night. And AC even took a nap...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! AM is in her skirt! AC is so grown up! You can tell who their Mama is! Where did that big kid with the glasses that looks like Brian come from?!

Love you all. Thanks for the pix. Enjoy the cousins!

Gramma Worthy