Monday, August 16, 2010

Holy Cow! C is 5!!!

C's birthday was on a Thursday so we just went out to eat for a small celebration.

We opened his present from the family at home. He was probably most excited about his whoopee cushion. They each took turns making it "toot".

I have to begin C's birthday party with a brief discussion on the invitations. I, of course, didn't PPP(prior proper plan) and was in a pinch to get the invitations in the mail in a hurry. We ended up just ordering them online and having them printed at our local Walgreens. This is what we wore to go pick them up... I think its time we hand down these jammies and boots!

C wanted a water slide like last year. This one had a jump house that you had to go through to get up the slide.

C was so sweet and made sure that we invited some of AM's friends so that she would have someone to play with.
This was mainly for me, but I covered the mantle with pictures of C...from pregnancy to the present. I don't know if its just me, but 5 seems so a milestone. I officially have a boy, not a baby boy :(
We got him this sweet Mario cake...I know, you're impressed right? I know. The cake was delicious also!!


Lady New 'Burgher said...

That is the coolest cake ever!! Sad I missed it!

Anonymous said...

C is sooooooo lucky to have you for his mom!!! The party was fantastic--you worked hard and covered every possible detail. I loved the pics on the mantle, and the albums out. . . everything was perfect! Granny

Amy Pollak said...

Drew has that same Mario t-shirt and would be over the moon about that cake - amazing! did you make it? They will have to play Mario together some time - by far Drew's favorite thing to do.