Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to school...

C is entering "Transitional Kindergarten". His birthday is so close we decided to wait one more year for Kindergarten:) This is his first day of school last week...It was also AM's first day of dance:) AC just doesn't want her siblings t touch her:)

All the kids were excited for AM and AC's first day of school...especially C!!! I made them pose in the back yard like two years ago:)

Initially, AC's back pack might have been too heavy!!

AC just walked in to her room and never looked back!!
Here is AM by her new cubby!! She literally jumped right into her class and LITERALLY did NOT look back for me! She loves school so far!!

But, when the girls walked in and C was at another school, I was reminded of last year when the older two stared at different school :) It is tough for drop off, but we know now that was the BEST decision to ensure that C got into the competitive "Transitional Kindergarten" and we just LOVE everyone at AC and AM's school!!! Next year should be interesting when C goes to school for real...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I looked at the link from two years ago--they are growing up too fast!