Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in SC

Started off with a visit from my kiddos favorite (great :)) aunt :) We both gave our daughters the same middle name :)

The kids lined up to receive presents..."criss cross apple sauce". C'mon AM!
The kids took a bath together in Papa's big tub every night!! Good times!!! Don't worry Papa, no indecency :)

Happy New Years Eve Party!!
When the kids went to bed, that's when the real fun began...JENGA!! Side note: the highest Jenga is 36 stories and we go our to 32 stories before a certain Aunt/Sister/Daughter/Mom knocked it over.
The group kid shot...Hey, Most of my kids are looking.
And the funny face picture...Even Andy is making a face :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Keturah. Loved remembering all the fun times from last week. Especially loved the Jenga clips on Who Loves Math with Love.


Unknown said...

JoJo sounds much better than Great Aunt!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Have I told you how adorable your kids are? N was looking at your Christmas card the day and he said, "That AM is just gorgeous".