Monday, January 4, 2010

AM's first haricut

Some mornings when AM wakes up, her hair can be difficult to get a brush through. Picture the definition of a bird's nest when referencing hair. Remember back in the 80's when girls would tease their bangs (yes, I am talking about myself)...well, AM's hair can take on that same look, but in the back of her head. She must move her head around constantly when she sleeps. So, we thought that maybe a little trim would help all the crying that takes place as we try to brush the tangles out in the morning.

Lucky for me, one of my former students' wife cuts hair at a local beauty parlor around the corner from out house. While B was out hunting(Yes, he hunted and now we have a freezer full of deer meat), I took the Team to get AM's first hair cut.

I think she was still feeling under the weather here, but she came around...

Look how long her hair is...and was...she only took off like a half inch. She is making the cutest face, right?
C got bored and decided to help clean up!

The girl cutting her hair was soooo nice. She said she never charges for the first hair cut:) She even gave ME a princess braid and styled her hair. She still has her precious curls...thank God! :)


BCW said...

I can't believe how long her hair is! She's so cute.

Michelle said...

she is precious! And the pics are priceless. And I know you are so glad the beautiful curls stayed!