Sunday, August 16, 2009

AC's Baptism

Last Sunday, at the 8:15 service no less... we go our newest family member baptized. My cousin was her sponsor/God parent. The both share the same middle name...also my mom's first name:) Here is the whole family!!

Here are the 3 C's!! My mom, my cousin and my daughter... LOVE IT!! My cousin is so special to me and we didn't get to see each other too often when we were growing up, but I really love her and her family. She was also in my wedding and I hope will always be a part of our lives!! I kinda locked her into us with the whole "you're in charge of my kids spiritual upbringing" thing.

The service was interesting to say the least. We had the kids in the nursery up until right before the baptism portion because they don't quite have the whisper thing down yet. We barely made it back in time and when we did, B was holding AC. Immediately, AM asked me to hold her and when I picked her up, I got a whiff of something stinky. Being held evidently made her uncomfortable and she said, "My poopy hurts," just loud enough to make it awkward:) AC cried just a bit when the cold water hit her head, but stopped after getting the "awww" from the congregation. I took AM to change her stinker and while I was gone, AC spit up all over B. We had no blankets so we stole one from a baby doll in the nursery. AC spit up on a few other as the kids were past from family member to family member until the service finally concluded... All in all a good time!

Here is B's family! There were all present for AM's baptism also!! C's too!

We had everyone over for a little brunch of breakfast tacos.... AM was exhausted after all the morning festivities...