Thursday, July 16, 2009

we went and got our picture made...

I am going to share some of the ones that we did not get prints of... for whatever reason!! Today, we have the group pictures that have more than one family member in them. I really wanted to get some pictures of our new baby AC. They took so many picture and quite a few of AM and C. I will share those tomorrow because they are so cute!! BUT, we have a budget, man!

Here are our girls! I love saying that...the girls! Daddy's girls! My baby girl and my big girl!

This was probably my favorite "pose", but all three were never looking at the same time!

They are so cute, but AC just looks awkward. AM kept messing with her feet!

The kids look so great! I love their matching outfits...right? ANGELS!! They were really pretty well behaved, considering...


BCW said...

Such a beautiful family!! Can't wait to see you guys!